Friday, November 9, 2007

National Press Club UFO panel discussion Nov 12

I find this interesting. The National Press Club is hosting a press conference revealing some apparently new data on Monday Nov 12. The conference includes a governor and many military officials, both American and international. Here's the press release.

It's interesting that a UFO sighted by many ground-crew at Ohare airport in Chicago is prominently mentioned in the press release. I'd heard of the report at Ohare and wonder if there's new data. Here's the report from the Chicago Tribune. Here's a video of the reporter for the Tribune talking about the story.

FOLLOWUP/POSTSCRIPT: Here's a link to some clips following the panel.


Anonymous said...

This blog is from a journalist who was present at the event:

I was able to catch part of it broadcast live on CNN and it was pretty interesting. And I was happy to see that Dr. Greer had nothing to do with it. I would have been interested to hear what Jerome Clark, Jamie Maussan, and perhaps someone involved with the COMETA report, Hynek center, or a member of the Belgium military involved with the incident in the 80's would have added to the discusssion. But considering what they did pull off it was quite impressive.

Anonymous said...

One correction. A member of the Belguim military was present at the National Press Club panel.