Monday, March 19, 2007

Stock Holdings

I'm convinced that the "Average Joe" investor can beat market averages over the longer term. A statement like that probably needs some justification so here's some "best effort" play money mutual funds I've been running over at the Marketocracy website. Marketocracy lets me try out different investment strategies and monitor progress over time.

SMF is my initial and longest running fund. This is a best effort fund. Even though I started the fund in May of 2001, I really only started managing it properly sometime in the last half of 2002.

SOS is the other "best effort" fund I run and is a variation of SMF with a more aggressive sell strategy. SOS has been running since August 2003.

As you can see, both funds beat the S&P500 average by a wide margin over the test periods. Beware there is volatility in the methods I use, and the funds recently have tended to underperform in down markets - so as a result in my real life accounts I raise cash quickly when I get bearish.

I try to review my personal stock holdings at least on a monthly basis. My current stock holding in order of size of holding are:

CRDN - Ceradyne - primarily ceramic body armor
CTSH - Cognizant Technology - technology consulting (India)
GRMN - Garmin - Global Positioning System pioneer
HANS - Hanson Natural - Energy drinks
INFY - Infosys - technology consulting (India)
NGPS - Novatel - another GPS player
ASVI - ASV Inc - maker of tracked loaders similar to "bobcats" - this was a mistake by me on the buy but I'm holding at current prices. I was aware of the slowing home market but bought anyway.
CKFR - Checkfree - online billpay provider

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