Friday, May 29, 2009


Though wary, I haven't totally given up on our capitalistic system. Even though stocks have been basically flat over the past decade and the past couple of years have been terrible, I'm still looking for places to invest.

I sold the eBay stock I purchased back in January - the first trade I've recorded a gain on in a while. Over the past several weeks I've also opened some new positions that I wanted to post.
DAKT - Daktronics - they make scoreboards and alot of digital signage
DECK - Deckers Outdoors - shoes of various varieties. This has been on my watchlist for a while.
EBIX - Ebix - software for insurance industry customer, insurers and agencies. This one has been on my watchlist for a long time.
GME - Gamestop - video game retailer. There's concern the industry may be changing away from a retailer based model to more web delivery of games, and it's brought this company's stock down considerably. Slower guidance going forward by mgmt also.
VSEC - VSE Corp - government contractor - particularly dept. of defense. I don't really understand all the stuff they do - it's a broad array of services - this pick is more based on the numbers and a strong historical trend.

A few more still near the top of the watchlist: FLR, FLIR, JEC, BUCY

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