Sunday, May 10, 2009

More Marcus Aurelius

I haven't posted a Marcus Aurelius quote in a while, so figured I'd do so. Here's a couple quotes I like related to perspective and his ongoing theme that everything is part a universal theme and we all have our part to play:

"4.40 The world as a living being – one nature, one soul. Keep that in mind. And how everything feeds into that single experience, moves with a single motion. And how everything helps produce everything else. Spun and woven together."

"2.8 Don’t ever forget these things:
The nature of the world.
My nature.
How I relate to the world.
What proportion of it I make up.
That you are part of nature, and no one can prevent you from speaking and acting in harmony with it, always."

From Marcus Aurelius's "Meditations", Gregory Hayes' translation:

Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emporer from 161-180 A.D. Read more from Wikipedia.

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