Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Just listened to my first LP (aka "record album") in decades

Hi all,   I just listened to my first LP / album / "record" in decades - probably since high school.  I've heard the children today call them "those big CDs."

Anyhow, my Mom used to have a Gemini turntable that she'd use for her square dancing classes, and I've had it here at the house planning to make sure that it works and probably list it for sale on craigslist assuming all works well.

Anyhow, I hooked it up and went and got one of the old albums I had from high school back in the 1980s to play to test it on.  The album was Van Halen's "Diver Down."  Yes, I'm such a pack rat that I still have albums in storage that I haven't played in 20+ years - "just in case."

As I was listening to the album it struck me how the listening experience of music has changed since when I was younger.    I couldn't just skip the songs very easily like I can now.  Instead I put the album on and let it play through one side continuously, and then flipped the records and listened to the other side - also continuously - until I got to the last song - the cover of "Happy Trails"- and I couldn't quite make it through that one.  But it made me realize how the format of the music influenced how I listened.  If a song came on that I didn't care for I couldn't just skip forward - I had to patiently listen.  It makes for a different listening experience - and I actually kindof enjoyed it.  It makes me want to hook up my "good" speakers and listen through them instead of my "sortof OK" PC speakers.

I have a small pile of records to go through, both 33s and 45s, so I'll probably pull out another one an listen tomorrow - maybe that big foldout Boston album!

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