Monday, January 21, 2013

Holdings 1-21

Just a listing of top holdings as of 1-18 from more to less

CMI  Cummins
BRK.B  Berkshire Hathaway - B class
WDC  Western Digital
NEU  NewMarket Corp
AAPL  Apple
CSTR  Coinstar
INTC  Intel
JOY   Joy Global
CF   CF Industries
GES   Guess
APEI   American Public Education

- I'm a little concerned that NEU's value has run up quite a bit and their last quarter was slower.  They have earnings coming up on 1-29.  Currently they seem to be at or near upper bounds of valuation ranges, so I'm taking it that the market expects good results.  If not I'm a little worried.
- INTC Intel  issued cautious outlook, but I'm hanging in there with them.  I have a difficult time seeing them not being major player w/ big cost advantages.
- JOY Joy Global is the most recent addition.  They make heavy capital equipment for mining.

Looking out there - if I add money to the market right now it'll probably be more to these existing positions, or only in a few smaller positions in smaller companies I have my eye on.  I've looked at MSFT some, but am going to hold off now due to margins and slow revenue - but I'm going to keep eye open.  They look so inexpensive and are paying an easily sustainable 3.4% or so yield right now.   I'm also looking a bit at a dividend payer YZC, the largest chinese coal mining company with ADRs here.  Growth demands need energy, but it is coal and I read many stories about air quality problems in China, so not sure how demand situation will play out.

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