Thursday, December 17, 2009

Radio Listening Data

I found this article about radio listening habits changing interesting. Instead of using the mail in diary's of daily listening behavior, the metering companies are starting to use technology to track exactly what channel your radio is on and what you're listening to (more similar to how TV ratings are calculated).

I participated in one of the radio diaries last year and agree with some of the critiques. If you're driving to work and change your channel several times - can you really remember all the channels you listened to and how long? During the survey period I'd often just turn my radio off if everything was bad (which was often) rather than keep flipping around and have to worry about trying to fill out the radio diary for channel changes

Some of the interesting findings:
- guys listen to more soft rock than they admit.
- people report listening to more classical than they really do.
- only 5 people in the country listen to smooth jazz, and one of them just died.

I am mostly a rock guy (mostly classic rock stuff), but there are definitely some soft rock music I like alot that most guys either don't like or won't admit to liking:
Sarah MacLachlan is one of my favorite musicians
Alison Krauss is awesome
Rose Reiter (unsigned) also falls into this category

I do have some mp3s in my collection that most guys wouldn't admit to that also can border on outright cheesy, but here's some I see as I scan through my mp3s:
Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (I still remember the first time I heard this song thinking it was brilliant.)
Katy Perry - I Kissed a Girl
Martika - Toy Soldiers (a pop song I really liked from back in the 80s)
A couple Meatloaf tunes .... yeah they're really long
Pink - Don't Let Me Get Me
REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight this Feeling (makes my friends at work howl)
Shakira - Underneath Your Clothes
Sheriff - When I'm with you. (#1 from back in the 80s. Doesn't hold up well over time, but it was huge back in the day)
T'Pau - Heart and Soul
Bette Midler - The Rose
Frank Mills - Music Box Dancer (heard this when I was a grade school kid and found it online the other day)
John Mayer (maybe - I don't know, he's hugely talented but he seems to me to cater to the women more than most)
Mariah Carey - Vision of Love, Can't Let Go

Interested to see what ads google decides to pop up beside this post.

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