Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Plan Day 3

Yesterday, Day 2 of the plan, was good day. Modifications to the original plan posted yesterday include going to to see Avatar and also eating a giant bowl of spaghetti. Avatar was a way cool movie. I'm sure it'll become one of those classic movies people watch over and over - but it wasn't as lastingly thought provoking as I was hoping it would be. There's a very good story there - including some good performances - but the real "wow" of this movie is the visual realism they brought to a fantasy world. I particularly appreciated the biology of the planet - including all the luminous plants and thought put into the anatomy of the animals - nostrils in neck, 6-legged horses, multiple eyes.

On to Day 3 which started off with a bang when I got up early to go sit out on the back porch to read out by the ocean. It was a little cool, but I quickly nodded off so I consider it a successful morning. The Crab Shack is in the plans for supper.

Edit: Actually it was Floyd's jumbo shrimp for supper. It's next door to The Crab Shack.

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