Sunday, June 28, 2009

More from the lazy gardener

I figure my 18 square feet of garden in the back yard is progressing pretty well. I've decided to see what happens if I fix it up for the cucumbers to grow vertically by stringing up some line similar to what I've done for the tomatoes. Those that know me can appreciate my enduring laziness - especially my reluctance to bend over unless I really have to - so I consider this laziness as the root cause of innovation in this case. Gardens above the ground can only be a good thing.

My wife went and got some more posts from Lowes and from there we'll just see what happens. The cucumbers might take over, but I figure I'll have more tomatoes than can possibly be eaten, so I'm just curious.

Here's some pics with the "trellis" type setup.

Also - most of my tomatoes are still green, but I do have the first red one of the year that I snuck a shot of, along with pics of some of the cucumbers which are close to being ready to be eaten.

Most of the tomatoes are still like this though:


Danny said...

Good job. You may have taken the lead in the Garden Race. A week without water killed my mint and put my tomatoes on death's doorstep. It looks like I got to them in time though...

Button Fuzz said...

sorry to hear about your tomatoes, but good to hear they're recovering now that you're back in town.

looking forward to some pics. I think growing in planters presents alot of problems due to how hot it gets around here in summer. I decided to put everything in ground after seeing growth differences last year.