Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ay Oh - new song I worked on this weeked

Hi all, Just wanted to post a rough mix of the song I was working on this week. It's primarily an instrumental made using loops I recorded in Ableton Live. Everything on there is me except for the drum loop. I moved the loops into Acid and created this rough mix there.

I spent alot of time this weekend working on this, but am excited about how it came out. It's sortof a guitar symphony but I think it ended up having a cool vibe. I've called it "Ay Oh" after the high degree of creativity given the lyrics at this point.

Here aret he links from Unsigned Band Web:
Click HERE to hear the song.
If you want to download the MP3 click HERE.

If you listen I'd love to hear your thoughts. Hope you enjoy it.


Danny said...


Actually it's a pretty interesting tune. I like the drum loop. When you work on the mix, I hope you crank the guitar up. 5+ minutes is a little long. Mabe trim it down a little.

Otherwise, it's a neat little tune

Button Fuzz said...

cool. thanks for critique. I'll have to find a cowbell sample.

It sounds different on mp3 and workheadphones than it does here. Gotta work on the mix. It's more laid back in the mp3 mix - doesn't quite sound as thick as it does in the wav file. Going to shorten the laid back part and make sure the more intense parts get there and push over the top.