Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A guy I'd recommend for floor leveling

I've been having some work done on my house, and if you're in the Middle Tennessee area and have floor leveling needs - like fixing sags in your floor by putting in supplemental supports - I wanted to recommend Bruce Little.  He's done two jobs for me over the years, is a class act, and is somebody you can tell loves the process of leveling floors and cares about doing a top notch job.  He even makes some of his own heavy duty equipment.

Additionally, I wanted to add that he recently returned a call from me while he was on vacation.  Again, the last job he did for me was probably 8-9 months ago, and he returned a call from me while on his vacation.

Anyhow, it's often difficult to find referrals for people you can trust to do good work on your home, but I just wanted to recommend Bruce Little.  In his day job he works for Powerlift and you can find him by searching his name and powerlift (or just contact powerlift and they'll put you through to him), but he does small jobs on the side in his free time that are too small for powerlift to mess with.

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