Sunday, November 11, 2012

High Speed Internet Options

Hi all,  I was getting disgusted w/ the poor quality of my Comcast internet service that was always freezing up during downloads - especially things like you tube that are nearly impossible for me to stream without reloading /refreshing multiple times - and was trying to shop around.

If you've done some shopping you quickly realize there aren't many option or much competition.  If there is supposed "competition" it seems like they're all priced about the same.  Almost seems like the competitors are working together.

In the process of looking for options I came across these stats in review of a book called "The Fine Print."  If even some of this is true it bugs me a lot.  I'm putting the book on request at the library.  I've already killed my home phone which I rarely used (saving about $40 per month), and have gotten rid of my cell phone which I rarely used (saved $65/mo).  I really have to keep internet though - but I would like for it to work better for as much as we pay for it.

Here's the article.  "Why your phone, cable, and internet bills cost so much."

Some of the bullets from the review:
"- Americans pay 38 times as much as the Japanese for Internet data.
- America has gone from #1 in Internet speed (when we invented it) to 29th in the world and falling.
 - Americans pay four times as much as the French for an Internet triple-play package—phone, cable TV and Internet—at an average of $160 per month versus $38 per month.
- The French get global free calling and worldwide live television. Their Internet is also 10 times faster at downloading information and 20 times faster uploading it"

also from the article "The relationship between phone and cable providers has essentially become a cartel"

On the other hand, maybe I should just invest in Comcast despite my dislike.  Where I live they've carved out a monopoly of being the only cable company in town.  I've owned the stock before - maybe I should just get back in.

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