Monday, January 23, 2012

Have been adding funds back to equities

Over the past few weeks I've been a net buyer of stocks. I don't trust the feeling that the market wants to go up, but this just feels different than the long grind of most of last year. I had raised my portfolio to a fairly high level of cash - well over 50% - so it'll take me a while to move back in, but here's some of my main stock holdings as of the end of today

NEU Newmarket corp - petroleum additives
TEO Telecom Argentina - Telecom
LHCG LHC Group - home health
CLF Cliff's Natural Resources - iron ore / coal
CHL China Mobile - wireless
EBAY Ebay - retail / paypal
ASML ASML Holding - semiconductor equip
DAR Darling Int'l - grease recycling / biofuel
HITK HiTech Pharmacal - generic drugs
BBL BHP Billiton - oil / gas / mining

along with some smaller positions in much more speculative
GTAT GT Advanced Tech - solar
WFR MEMC Electronics - solar
ESIC Easylink services
ARCI Appliance Recylcing

still a lot of cash on the sidelines, but less than 2 months ago.

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