Monday, November 16, 2009

Easing out of some stock positions

I raised a bit of cash. Still recovering from big losses in some positions, but sold my remaining shares of VDSI at a big loss - and sold some of my largest position in CTSH Cognizant Tech - more for diversification than anything - CTSH has been very good to me. CTSH is still my biggest holding, but just about 25% smaller now. I'm trying to be disciplined about selling both losers and portions of stocks on the way up to prevent getting top heavy in positions. Gives me room to buy back in on pullbacks too if I still like.

Also trying to adhere to stop loss rules of around 20% loss in a position over 3mo get's cut loose. I've mad a decent sized bet on RIMM/Blackberry and am down on it a bit now. It'll be a test of whether I can follow my new stop loss rule if it drops further.

current holdings:
CTSH Cognizant
RIMM Research in Motion
GRMN Garmin (down big on this)
DECK Deckers
HANS Hanson Natural
GME Gamestop
MLR Miller Industries
BID Southebys

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