Thursday, July 9, 2009

Odd cucumber growth

I'm thinking maybe some of my cucumbers are growing oddly due to maybe too much heat or not enough water? The cucumber on the left is pretty normal for what I'm growing, but I pulled a few that seem to grow very fat and short, and several of them even yellow. I can't remember if they're bitter - probably are - going to eat one today to see - but it's odd that different vines are growing differently. Any ideas? Let me know.

Here's some other photos of note from today (click images for bigger pictures)

The larger Romas are starting to turn red in a more consistent way. The first few weren't the best tomatoes. These seem to be ripening more evenly.

And here's a little surprise left from last year. All of these plants just came up from seed left over from last year that had just dropped to the ground. They're a smaller variety of Roma - bigger than a cherry tomato, but smaller than the larger Romas in the picture above. I really like these tomatoes.

... and my redneck efforts to put some twine around them to keep them from falling all over the place - yes that's the front porch - they grew awesomely there last year though. there's probably 5 or 6 plants in total growing there in the cluster.

And finally, here's a picture of the progression in vertical gardening. The cucumbers continue to take over. (click for bigger image)

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