Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1862 news article - Battle of Shiloh

I was reading this clip of an 1862 news article regarding what has become known as the Battle of Shiloh (the article lists it as the Battle of Pittsburg - not sure when the name changed to Shiloh).

Reading the article I was struck by the difference in reporting vs. what we hear of war today today. Quotes like:
"The slaughter on both sides is immense."

"Several barges of ice are ordered to go up the Tennessee to-night for the use of the wounded. "

and literary flourishes
"he brandished his sword and waved them on to the crowning victory, while cannon balls were falling like hail around him. The men followed with a shout that sounded above the roar and din of the artillery, and the rebels fled in dismay, as from a destroying avalanche, and never made another stand."

"Capt. Carson was between Gen. Grant and your correspondent, when a cannon ball took off his head and killed and wounded several others."

The other thing that was striking: The article lists many of the dead and wounded by name.

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