Sunday, February 8, 2009

Corporate Band Rockoff

One of the local universities in town is sponsoring a corporate band challenge for charity, and I signed up to participate on my company's band. We have to do 2 songs for the competition. We had our first practice over the weekend. I'd forgotten how much of a pain it is to lug gear around. I think the weight of electronic gear is the #1 reason for band failure, especially for older bands!!

Anyhow, one of the songs we're going to be doing "At Last" by Etta James. There's a really good singer at work who can pull that one off very well. It's not very demanding to play, but without a singer that can kill it, well don't even bother. Our singer can kill it, so that one is a go.

The other tune we're planning on doing is "Smooth" by Santana and Rob Thomas. That one is demanding for me as there's some pretty tough guitar runs I have to familiarize myself with. Listening to the song I'm pretty sure I can play them or come up with something workable, but it does require me putting in some heavy study.

Here's hoping we pull the tunes together in time for the contest.

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