Sunday, August 3, 2008

good eating

Been eating pretty good over the past several days.

I went up to my dad's during the week, and he grilled out some of the better steaks I'd had in a long time. Ribeye's with nice tender meat. Very good.

Another day he cooked up some walleye he'd caught fresh a few days earlier. It was also good.

Then today I grilled up something called country style ribs that I picked up on sale at the Food Lion. I was walking by the meat case checking out the marked down items and noticed four pieces of what I'd call "hunks of meat" for lack of a better term. I figures they're only $2.50, how bad could they be?

Well I grilled them today and they were awesome. I think they were beef - tasted somewhat like what I get at Famous Daves - and I'm not sure of the cut, but they didn't have bones in them like ribs. Very thick cuts though. I cooked them slow on the grill - cooked for about an hour at least - but I'll be having those again (once I finish the other 3 leftover pieces that I've got now).

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