Thursday, June 26, 2008


Just got back from a trip to Chicago. Some observations from the trip and about hotels:

1. There's way too much traffic up there. Mapquest said the trip from Northbrook to Midway Airport should take 47 minutes. Actual time: about 2 hours. And there was nothing unusual about the drive. No accidents, no abnormal construction. It looks like the 30 mile trip is about that way every day - at least between 3:00 and about 5:15. Seems like alot of people are making that trip though.

2. It's flat-out wrong for hotels to put out the $2.50 candy bars, peanuts or chips right there in your room where you're tempted by them. It's an accident waiting to happen. Luckily I stopped by the grocery and had my own snacks, so when I'd get tempted by the Snickers in the little wicker basket, I'd just eat one of my own instead.

3. Have you ever wondered why some hotels put 6 pillows on the bed? Three or four are always in the floor come morning. And what is the big tube thing they put with the pillows? And why the half blanket on the foot of the bed that always slides in the floor? What do you do with it? I guess just pile all that stuff in the chair so you can't sit in it.

4. Is there a law that says no hotel can use a basic shower head and faucet control? Where do some hotels get these things? Without testing, your guess is good as mine as to hot vs. cold, and sometimes what should even be push/pulled/twisted/turned to make the water "go". I guess some folks like fancy shower heads too, but I'm guessing these fancy showers are just justification for the room charge.

5. My room actually had an exposed electrical outlet so I could plug in the iron. Usually the plugs are hidden and I've got to go crawling around and moving furniture. Why?

6. Does anyone read the USA Today they throw under your door each morning? I'm guessing circulation is overstated by at least 50%.

7. I can't handle TV remote controls. It is possible to flip channels for an hour when I should just be going to sleep.

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Danny said...

In the spirit of full disclosure, we should make it known that there was a closer airport. You could of flown in and out of O'hare and had a much quicker trip.

Russ and I tried to warn you about driving to Midway....