Saturday, April 12, 2008

Odd Dream

The immigration post below reminded me of a dream I had this morning - one of those early morning convoluted dreams that become very verbal as more parts of your brain start to wake up. I actually awakened after dreaming this as it's somewhat shocking to learn what parts of your mind are thinking on their own when your conscious, singular "mind" isn't in command.

Anyhow, the statement in the dream that woke me up was part of a conversation that went approximately like this:

"You can get upset about illegal immigration all you want, but people are still going to eat at Mexican restaurants."

I woke up with a little smile on my face, because I eat at Mexican restaurants in town regularly, and I've found myself sometimes wondering how many of the mostly spanish-speaking staff are here legally. To make a big deal out of it seems hypocritical because in the end there's no doubt I'm going to keep going back for the Spicy Beef Burrito or the Fajitas Jalisco.

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