Saturday, March 15, 2008

More Google Maps

I've sortof gotten hooked on google maps over the past couple of days and have taken interest in looking at other parts of the world. As I was zooming in on an area of Dubai I saw this formation. After zooming in further I found that it's actually a series of buildings that all seem to be oddly built along the same horizontal plane.

I also saw this large square pattern as I was moving around nearby. As I expolore the area there seem to be a lot of structures built in a similar pattern.

I'm not sure what this is. It seems to be a large "track" cut into the land, but doesn't appear to be paved, and doesn't appear to lead anywhere. There seem to be hardly any structures around it at all. (edit: I take that back, there may be a road surface on closer inspection. I think you can see a car in the upper right curve of the middle loop of the path. If you find the car you'll see a tower just to the southeast - also in the middle of nowhere).

Over along the eastern coast is one of the more beautifully designed parking lots I've ever seen. The picture was taken on a day when there weren't many cars there, and it adds to the effect.

Any idea what's going on here? Possibly building up coastal land?

Whoa, then farther south along the coast I come upon this feature. Definitely man-made. Another one is here just a bit further south.

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