Sunday, December 16, 2007

7 favorite unsigned bands or artists

Over the past 4-5 years I've listened to quite a bit of music by unsigned bands / artists. As with most unsigned music there's a bunch out there to listen to, and it takes alot of wading to get to the stuff you like. But there are some excellent artists out there who for whatever reason never get signed.

Below are some of my favorites:

Rose Reiter. The first phrase that comes to my mind is 'a true artist." There's something special here. Rose is an incredibly talented vocalist and songwriter whose work is uncompromised but still melodic and accessible. Rose's music is comparable to that of Sarah MacLachlan or Paula Cole.

Here's the first of her songs I heard, and still one of my favorites:
Play Phantoms by Rose Reiter

Here's an interview with Rose on, a link to Rose's website, her MySpace page, and a link to purchase her most recent CD at CD Baby.

Ghotti This band from Brighton England is no longer together, but these guys are by far my favorite unsigned rock band. Excellent musicianship, songwriting, and vocal performances.

Here's one of Ghotti's more popular songs "Control" that's reflective of their sound - patient with underlying and building intensity. Here's my personal favorite: "Fallen"

An interview with the band, and band page.

Here's a few more who I'm buying some CDs for this year:

Adrina Thorpe - another excellent female vocalist. "Did you think" is a representative tune. Similar to Rose Reiter. Here are some samples.

Five Nickel High
- This is a rock band whose guitar player reminds me alot of Nuno Battencort - one of my favorite guitar players growing up. Sound is 80s guitar rock. Listen here.

Goodnight City - these guys are a pop rock band. I just think they have some very high quality stuff, fun music. Listen here also.

Rachel Merchand - hypnotic layered vocals. This is some unique sounding material. See if you don't agree with either of these: "Humble" and "Angel"

Wiser Time - Black Crowes southern rock sound. Like their vibe. I posted a bit about them a short while back. This tune "10 years" has some good stuff going for it.

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